CORONAVIRUS     June 29th 2020 update. 
We have been working hard putting safety measures in place at Axis Therapy in Bangor. We want to reduce spread of COVID19 and keep everyone as safe as we possibly can at this time. We are following all the government and our own professional guidelines. 

Some of the changes you will find ......There is no waiting area or toilets (sorry) you will be asked to wait outside and called directly into the treatment room one by one. I will take your temperatures non-contact thermometer at the front door and ask everyone to use hand the sanitizer spray provided before entering and on leaving the building. We also ask all patients to wear a face covering and can provide one if you don’t have once yourself. 

The room has been altered to give maximum space when possible and some helpful guides are on the floor to ensure we keep the 2m apart when we can. I will be wearing full PPE. You can now also pay for your treatment by contactless card facility. 

At first there will be a staggered return and we are co-ordinating our diaries to reduce contact so it’s unlikely you will see anyone else when you come and if you do they will be 2m away. Please ring 01248714001 if you need an appointment.  Stay safe. Karen


      Karen Martin


                Member of 
          College of Podiatry


Est 1991

Relocated Summer 2019 to 

Axis Therapy 
42 Glanrafon
LL57 1LH
                         TEL: 01248 714001
                                                           (new address 2019 but no change to the telephone number)

All aspects of Podiatry are treated by a HCPC Registered Podiatrist in a professional and modern private surgery at 
Axis Therapy, Bangor, North Wales. Professional Footcare is vital to healthy living and all age groups are welcome
Some Medical Condition predispose the Feet to problems and can be treated effectively at the clinic.
No referral is required simply ring for an appointment today

New May 2020: Telehealth Remote Consultations are now available for New Patients and Biomechanical Assessments 
Using the internet and the latest online software we can have a virtual assessment from the comfort of your own home on your smartphone , iPad or laptop. Ring me for a chat if you think a virtual appointment might be for you. 

                                                          Specialist areas include:

Nail Surgery, Biomechanical Assessment, Slimflex Insoles, Vasyli & Vionic Orthoses, Sports Podiatry, Diabetes screening and monitoring. For more information on common foot conditions follow the link below. Podiatric Medicine has developed from its origins in Chiropody to become a Medical Speciality dealing with Assessment, Diagnosis and Treatment of the Lower Limb.

Professional Consultation Fees 2019-2020

New Patient Assessment                  £55
Initial Consultation and Assessment of a New Patient will include a detailed history taking, Assessment and Examination of limbs and Diagnosis. It includes basic treatment and a management plan for long term care. 

Review Routine Appointment           £45
This appointment is for registered patient at the practice and includes an updating of medical and medication status and treatment of ongoing nail, painful corns and callous

Nail Surgery                                  £330-380
Painful ingrown toenails? Removal of part or entire toenail with use of Local Anaesthetic. If suitable we use of phenol to prevent regrowth and curb recurring problems. You will need an initial assessment to check you need surgery and are suitable for treatment. Price includes Pre-op, Surgery, Dressing and a dressing pack for home. Price varies from £330-£380 

Biomechanical Assessment             £85
Clinical Assessment of the Lower Limbs looking at Structure, Balance, Muscle Strength, Range & Condition of the Joints from Hip to Toe, Injuries and any Abnormaliites. Helpful Assessment for all types of Foot and Leg pain or to Assess the risk of foot problems developing in the future. After assessment we can look at Orthoses ( Shoe inserts) if they would benificial. 

Children Foot & Leg Development        £65
Worried about your childs legs or feet? walking or development problems or just need reassurance everything is normal. This Assessment will look at HIPS, KNEES, ANKLES and FEET in a simple FUN way. We assess walking and other motor activities. It take about 45mins!

Orthotics Assessment/Renew             £85
Already had Orthoses and they stopped working or you got a new problem. This appointment will reassess the Limbs, Footwear and Orthoses and come up with a new plan. (Biomechanical Assessment appointment with Orthotic Check up included) 

Orthotics Check up                              £45
Are your orthoses looking grubby, need a refresh or starting to fray at edges. You may be able to have them refurbished. THis appointment will allow a quick assessment to ensure the devices are still funchioning and get a price for reburb. (Please note refurb takes place externally and requires devices being posted off to lab for facelift temporary insoles can be provided at extra cost))

Verruae (Adult)                                 £55
Not sure if you have a Verrucae? Dont know how to treat it? Why not have a check up and assessmsnt, get a diagnosis. It can be difficult to guess if you have a verruca or a corn. Dont worry we can look at treatment options and also painlessly remove any dry or uncomfotable skin in the area if needed.  

Verrucae (Child)                               £35
Need help with a verruca on your child foot? Contact for assessment and treatment options. Have you been struggling at home to treat? I can help recduce pain and give tailor amde advice for your childs treatment. 

Prescribtion Orthoses from £60
Cushion Insoles.........from £40
Off the Shelf Orthoses from £30
Refurb Orthoses from £45